Dom Hana: Japanese Western Cuisine in Sasebo【Dine In and Takeout】| 「隠れ庵ドムハナ」佐世保っ子のごちそう洋食店ドムニセイ の味を受け継ぐ【SAFEE提携記事】

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【To inherit beloved food of Dom Nisei | ドムニセイの味を受け継ぐ】

Dom Nisei was a long-established Western-style restaurant in Sasebo that local people really loved, but closed its doors a few years ago. The former chef of Dom Nisei didn’t want its loved meals to disappear from the city, so he opened his shop called “Dom Hana” to inherit the wonderful food of Dom Nisei this past year.

ドムニセイは近年、惜しまれつつ閉店した佐世保の洋食店。特別な日にごちそうを食べる場所として、佐世保っ子に愛されていました。 そのドムニセイの味を引き継ぐのがドムハナ! ドムニセイの元料理人であるオーナーさんが、老舗の味を守るべくオープンされたんです。

【Dom Hana Set for Lunch | オススメはドムハナセット!】

The Dom Hana Set is the signature menu during lunch time. The main dish is a hand-made coarsely ground Hamburg steak. It comes with fried chicken or fried fish, soup, macaroni gratin, salad and more. It’s only 1350 yen +Tax (incl. one drink on weekdays, one drink for 250 yen on weekends) . It’s reasonable and amazing!

ランチタイムのおすすめはドムハナセット! 手ごねの粗びきハンバーグを中心に、から揚げ or 魚フライ、スープ、マカロニグラタンなど10品+ドリンクまでついて1350円+税! 土日はドリンクが250円+となりますが、それでもリーズナブルで豪華!


The portions and the number of dishes won’t change even at night. A ten-course dinner costs only 2,500 yen + tax, including Dom Hana’s two most popular meals: a hand-made Hamburg steak with cheese and tomato cream pasta with blue crabs! Click here to see more menus such as classic Western curry and huge fried prawns (English menu is unavailable, but you can easily order from viewing the images. )


【Oldschool Dom Hana Parfait|ドムハナパフェ】

Parfaits in Japanese Western restaurants are similar to American classic ice cream sundaes. You will feel like you just stepped into the past. The Dom Hana Parfait is offered during tea time from 2pm to 3: 30 pm. Its sponge cake is hand made and looks yummy!!

洋食店のデザートって、レトロ感があってトキメキますよね。こちらは、金魚鉢みたいな器に入ったドムハナパフェ。14:00~15:30の喫茶タイムに提供されてるそうです。スポンジケーキは手づくり! これは美味しそう~


Lunch: 11am– 2:30 pm (LO: 2 pm)
Tea Time: 2 pm – 3:50 pm (LO: 3 pm)
Dinner: 5 pm – 9 pm(LO: 8:30 pm)
Closed: Mon.
📍262 Kaize-cho, Sasebo
佐世保市皆瀬町262 [MAP]
Payment: Cash only

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