SUPヨガを体験してきました!【川棚】Stand Up Paddle Board YOGA experience 【Kawatana】 BUCO Cafe × ハコヨガ

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【SUPヨガを体験してきました!YOGA on Stand Up Paddle Board】

以前取材をさせていただいた BUCO Cafeさんインスタの募集を見て、EチャンのYuki先生とRie先生の二人で SUPヨガ を体験してきました!

The other day Yuki-sensei and Rie-sensei went to try Stand-up Paddle Board YOGA! We saw a post about a free trial lesson on BUCO Cafe’s Instagram.

【SUPヨガってどんな感じ?What is it like?】

こんな感じ! It’s like this!

いや~ ハードだったね!つま先がつりそうになったよ!
Gosh it was hard work! My legs almost got cramps.

So true! You need to stand really strong and it required lots of power! It’s not just yoga, it’s hard core extreme power yoga!

【濡れるの?酔う?Do you get wet? Sea sick?】

Our teacher gave us a ride from shore to the board on water so the only part that got really wet was our feet. But through various movements, our hands and legs did get a little wet at the end. In our class nobody fell into water (barely!)

I was worried that I’d get sea sick but luckily I didn’t. Actually, at the end of the class we meditated with our eyes closed, and when we woke up… the view of the sky was amazing. It was a magical moment.

【先生はハコヨガさん!Our teacher was HACO YOGA】

ハコヨガさんではSUPヨガは10月末までとのこと!興味ある方はぜひお問い合わせしてみてくださいね~。[お問い合わせ] [Instagram]

Ochi-sensei from Haco Yoga Studio from Nagasaki city led the class. She was such a fun teacher!
They have SUP YOGA class until end of October. Do make inquiry if interested!! [Inquiry (Japanese only)] [Instagram]

SUPヨガの後はBUCO Cafeさんで美味しいごはん!眺めも最高!!
We had a yummy lunch after the lesson at BUCO Cafe. The view was great too!

【佐世保市内でSUPなら…Stand Up Paddle Board in Sasebo?】


You can do Stand Up Paddle in Sasebo at RESURFACE. You can cruise around Kujukushima islands on the board! Ochi-sensei from Haco Yoga sometimes teaches here too.
Do make inquiry if interested! (NOTE: unfortunately they don’t speak fluent English, so for safety reasons, please have a Japanese speaker in the group!) [Inquiry]

Unite with Nature! Do experience the fun!

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