【Ruins of Hiroda Castle: the only remains of “furrow-shaped ascending trench”】 【広田城跡:市内唯一の「畝状竪堀」が残る】

During the Warring States Period in Japan, many castles constructed here in Sasebo area, too. Among them Hiroda castle was the one constructed on the hill between komori river and Kaneda river by Matura, Hirado feudal lord. Since it was to defend against invasion of Oomura, feudal lord, the northern area of the castle was very steep.

In 1586, Oomura Sumitada invaded into Haiki area with Arima, Hata, Arita and tried to conquer Hiroda castle but he couldn’t.

Hiroda castle area was the last battle field in the Warring States Period in Sasebo. Hiroda castle played an important role as the southernmost fort until it was abolished by the Ikkoku Ichijo Rei (Law of One Castle per Province) in 1615. The ruins of Hiroda castle is the only spot in Sasebo where remains “furrow-shaped ascending trench” with consecutive “ascending trenches”.

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