【Ruins of Hario castle: Ruis Frois introduced it in 16th century】 【ルイス・フロイスも書いた針尾城を知っていますか?】

Continuing from last week, here is another ruins of castle today. Have you heard of the ruins of Hario castle which is near former Hario Radio Transmission Tower? It used to be a residence castle of Hario clan who occupied mainly the southern part of Hario island. It was also introduced in the book of “Nihon-shi” (History of Japan) which was written by Luis Frois, Portuguese Missionary, in 16th century. The castle site is 80m in the east-west direction, 60m in the north-south direction.

On the other hand, many relics of 12th to 16th century were discovered through the excavation for research in 2004. Among them, there were many imported or domestic China and porcelains. Especially, a hexagon legged bottle of Keitokuchin-kiln in China was the third excavated case in the world and extremely precious. They are considered to have been brought by a trade with Portugal. Why don’t we visit there via Hario radio transmission tower?

※For more information & Google map:(地図と詳細は、こちらから)




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