Sashimi 101: How to Eat Raw Fish & Delicious Fishes in Sasebo : Naoko-sensei’s Japanese Recipe No. 28【なおこ先生の日本料理 28】外国人向け!刺身の食べ方と佐世保でおいしい魚|英語レシピ

Surrounded by the sea, Sasebo is rich in seafood. Although it is difficult to clean and cut raw fish, you can get a variety of packaged fresh sashimi at supermarkets. Now flatfish or hirame (ヒラメ)is in season until February, and sea bream or tai (鯛)follows until in April since they store fat during these period in preparation for spawning. Flatfish and sea bream are both expensive in Tokyo, but in Sasebo they are available at low prices! You should definitely try them while you’re living in or visiting.


Delicious Fish in Sasebo|佐世保のおいしい魚

1. ヒラメ/ひらめ/平目/Hirame/Flatfish

In season: winter (December to February).
Taste: lean, mild and delicate

2. タイ/たい/鯛/Tai/Sea Bream

In season: winter to spring (until April)
Taste: firm-flesh, very mild and rich

3. ヒラス/ひらす/Hirasu/Yellowtail Amberjack

Hirasu is a local name in Kyushu. It’s called Hiramasa (ヒラマサ/ひらまさ)in general.
In season: spring to summer.
Taste: fatty, chewy, creamy and rich

4. ハマチ/はまち/Hamachi/Young Japanese Amberjack

In season: summer to autumn.
Taste: firm yet creamy and mild

5. アジ/あじ/Aji/Horse Mackerel 

In season: summer to autumn.
Taste: firm yet creamy and mild

How to Eat |食べ方


□ any pre-packaged sashimi (raw fish), sliced

□ 1 tbsp soy sauce per person
*You can use any soy sauce but there is a special soy sauce for sushi or sashimi (Sashimi Shoyu) which is brewed twice and has richer flavor.

Sashimi Shoyu

□ preferable amount of wasabi or yuzu kosyo
*Sometimes a small packet of wasabi is included in the sashimi pack. Or you can buy a tube paste. Yuzu kosyo is a Japanese condiment made from chili peppers and yuzu peels.

【How to Make|作り方】

1. Keep the sashimi cool in the fridge until just before you eat it. Prepare a small plate per each person.

2.Pour 1 tbsp of soy sauce on each plate.

3.Add preferable amount of wasabi or yuzu kosyo and mix them.

4.Eat sliced sashimi one by one dipping into the sauce. Adjust the amount you dip according to your preference.

For hirame (flatfish), ponzu is also delicious for dipping sauce. ヒラメの場合はポン酢でもおいしいよ。

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