【Cooking】Yosenabe (Japanese hot pot) with flying fish soup stock | Naoko-sensei’s Japanese Recipe No.14 |「あご出汁 寄せ鍋」なおこ先生の和食クッキング⑭【英語のレシピ】


Today we are going to introduce agodashi yosenabe (あご出しの寄せ鍋). Yosenabe is a Japanese hot pot which you can put in any kind of meat, fish and vegetables that go well with the soup stock. Depending on the area in Japan, the soup is made with different flavoring such as kelps, bonito flakes, and miso. Here in Sasebo, we use baked flying fish (yaki-ago) as soup stock for the nabe. But, you don’t be nervous about making the traditional Japanese regional dashi. Ready-made seasoned soup sock is available at supermarket. Bring your favorite ingredients and prepare a portable stove. It will be fun to eat yosenabe with your family during this cold winter!


Agodashi soup stock for yose nabe

【Ingredients | 食材】

You can add anything you like such as chicken, oysters, and prawns. 鶏肉や牡蠣、海老などお好みの材料を入れてね。

1 bag ago dashi (flying fish) nabe soup mix
2 slices salmon

sliced salmon

200 g sliced pork belly
1/3 carrot, cut into round slices 
5cm daikon radish, cut into quarter-rounds

daikon radish

1/4 chinese cabbage, cut into 3-cm wide pieces
1 Japanese leek, cut into 5-cm wide pieces

chinese cabbage

4 shiitake mushrooms
1 tofu, cut into 6 pieces


2 boiled udon noodles
And anything you like such as chicken, oysters, cod, prawns, and shimeji mushrooms.
※ Also, prepare a portable stove

(単語) flying fish 飛び魚(あご)、pork belly 豚バラ、 cut into round slices (quarter-rounds) 輪切り(いちょう切り)にする、cut into 3-cm wide pieces 3cm のざく切りにする。

【Directions |作り方】

  1. Cut all ingredients into bite sizes. And prepare a portable stove and a pot on your dining table.
  2. Shake a bag of nabe broth and pour into the pot. After the soup boiled, add pork belly, salmon and carrots, then bring to boil again.
  3. Add the rest of ingredients except udon noodles. Once they are all cooked, gather around and let’s eat!
  4. Keep the broth at a simmer the entire time. When all the ingredients are eaten up, add udon noodles and boil them. enjoy noodles with the rich and flavorful broth!

(単語)portable stove カセットコンロ、bring to boil ひと煮立ちさせる、When all the ingredients are eaten up すべて食べ終わったら

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