Best Example of D&I: Sasebo Skateboard Park is back! |多様性&インクルージョンの代表 :佐世保のスケートパークが帰ってきた!【スケボーで国際交流】

Diversity and Inclusion are words that have become increasingly common recently. Essentially, it means accepting each other’s differences and having fun together! It is also a keyword for E-chan, which aims for international understanding and cross-cultural exchange.


One of the best examples of D&I is skateboarding, where people of all races, languages, ages, and genders can enjoy the sport together while elevating each other. Last Friday, the temporarily closed Sasebo Skateboard Park has reopened and many people have been enjoying it since the reopening day.

そんなD&Iの代表が、スケートボード。あらゆる人種言語年代レベル性別の人が、お互いを高め合いながら、みんなで楽しめるスポーツです。佐世保市では、工事で一時閉鎖されていたスケボーパークが帰ってきました! 再オープン日から多くの人が楽しんでいましたよ。

Yesterday on Mar 26, a skateboarding experience event was held in Sasebo City, organized by the Nagasaki Prefectural Sports Commission. E-chan also conducted a women-only event three years ago (see the article) ! Norihiro Miyamoto, a member of the Nagasaki Prefectural Assembly, was also present at the event, and there was a demonstration by local super-kid Yuto Tajima, who is ranked second in the country.

3月26日には長崎県スポーツコミッション主催のスケボー体験会が、佐世保市内で開催されました。Eチャンでも3年前に女性限定で実施した体験会を行いましたが(記事はこちら)、今回はそれのグレードアップ版! 長崎県議会議員の宮本法広氏も来訪されました。

E-chan hopes that through skateboarding, not only health and enjoyment but also the culture of D&I will spread even more widely. By the way, the last slide is a recent slam compilation by Rie-sensei (Don’t worry, she’s completely safe.)


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