【Japanese Culture】2 extra lucky days in 2020 to start new things! 【日本文化】2020年 新しい事をスタートするのに最高の日を教えるよ!

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Have you made a New Year’s resolution or do you have something you want to achieve this year? In Japanese tradition, people tend to choose a starting day for their good luck. So, when should you start? We found out there are 2 extra lucky days in 2020 on the Japanese calendar. Those are considered to be the best days to start new things including marriage and house-moving. Also, lottery stands are always crowded on these days.

First, we will introduce two types of lucky days in Japanese tradition.

1.一粒万倍日(Ichi-ryuu-man-bai bi)

The meaning of ichi-ryuu-man-bai day is that you can get hundreds of times harvest from a grain of seed. So it’s believed many benefits are received from very little. It’s a good day to start a business, have your new car delivered, buy or start using a new wallet, buy a lottery ticket and so on. But don’t do bad things or get into debt since you may have to pay the original price hundreds of times over!

Ichi-ryuu-man-bai bi in 2020
January 10, 13, 22, 25
February 16, 21, 28
March 7, 19
April 15, 27, 30
May 24, 25
June 7, 8, 20
July 1, 17, 29
August 8, 13, 20, 25
September 1, 21
October 3, 9, 21
November 14
December 10, 11, 22, 23

2. 天赦日 (Tensha-bi)

Tensha-bi is the day that the god will forgive all sins. It says It’s the most auspicious day for any activities such as starting new things in general, marriage, house-moving and travel. Tensha-bi is rare. There are only 7 days in 2020!

Tensha-bi in 2020
January 22
February 5
April 5
June 20
September 2
November 1, 17

So when are 2 extra lucky days in 2020? The answer is days of both Ichi-ryuu-man-bai bi and Tensha-bi! Hence, the days are…

January 22 (Wed.) and June 20 (Sat.) !

January 22 is approaching. Let’s make a plan and start new things. We are sure this day will help bring you an extra fortune.

みなさん、新年の抱負はもう決めましたか? 今回は、新しい事に挑戦したい人のために、「新しいことを始めるのに、最適な日」について書きました。「一粒万倍日」と 「天赦日」には、宝くじ売り場が込み合うんですよね(笑)。 「一粒万倍日」 は一粒のもみが万倍もの稲穂になるとされる吉日で、 「天赦日」 は 天が万物の罪を赦(ゆる)す日とされる最上の吉日!この2つが重なる日が2020年に2度あるんです!


そう、1月22日(水)までには、まだ時間がある! この日までにプランを立てて、新しいスタートを切りましょう!
※注意! 一粒万倍日は、 借金やクレジットカードでの支払いには凶ですよ。

New Year’s resolution 新年の抱負
achieve ~を達成する
house-moving 引っ越し
lottery stand 宝くじ売り場
a grain of seed 1粒の種
get hundreds of times harvest 何万倍もの収穫を得る
get into debt 借金をする
forgive all sins すべての罪を赦す

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