What is “Minazuki,” a traditional Japanese sweets which is eaten on June 30? |6月30日に食べる和菓子 「水無月」とは?【日本文化・和菓子 | Japanese Culture, Wagashi】

This is “Minazuki”, a traditional Japanese sweets eaten on year’s midpoint June 30 to beat off summer heat and to wish for good health.
The white flour-based mochi on bottom half resembles ice, which was something very precious long ago.

This Minazuki is from @wagashiho_kajiyama . They have excellent traditional Japanese sweets including warabi-mochi using real warabi powder (back) and fu-manju (2nd pic).

📍 18-18 Omiya-cho, Sasebo


ちなみに写真の水無月は、和菓子舗 梶山さんのものです。梶山さんでは、本わらび粉を使ったわらび餅(もっちもち❣️)もオススメ。2枚目はRie先生大好物の麩まんじゅうです🤤.

📍 佐世保市大宮町18-18

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