【English-friendly shop : Cafe “Iwamoto Coffee” / “コーヒーの濃い、薄い”って何て言う?今回の英語OK!な店は 「イワモトコーヒー」】

Hello everyone! 
Today’s English-friendly spot is Cafe “Iwamoto Coffee”.
The café has just opened a couple of month ago in Haiki area. Its specialty is a siphon-brewed coffee. You can choose the roast level among light/medium/dark/super dark.
This place is coffee loves’ heaven. Coffee beans are carefully chosen by the owner. Also, there is a 30-day coffee ticket with just 2500 yen. With this ticket, you can drink one cup of coffee per day for 30 days.
Besides the siphon-brewed coffee, there are café au lait, caramel whipped cream coffee, soft drinks, and more. Menu is currently Japanese only, but the owner will communicate with simple English and gestures.
Click the photo below to see more pictures on Safee’s webpage:

Address:1-13-11 Haiki, Sasebo
Hours: 11:00 am– 9:00 pm
Closed: irregular

早岐地区にできた新しいカフェです。こちらではサイフォンで煎れたコーヒー(siphon-brewed coffee)がいただけます!
ところで、コーヒーや紅茶の濃い、薄いはstrong と weak。
「濃いコーヒーが好きです」はI like my coffee strong. と言えばオッケー
ただし、スープなどの汁物の濃い、薄いは、thick と thinですよ。

Its specialty is ~ この店のオススメは~
roast level 焙煎レベル
light/medium/dark 浅煎り/中煎り/深煎り
one cup of coffee per day 1日に1杯のコーヒー
caramel whipped cream coffee キャラメルホイップコーヒー
Besides ~以外にも
soft drinks ソフトドリンク

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