Matcha Mousse with Marshmallows: Naoko-sensei’s Japanese Recipe No. 24【なおこ先生の日本料理 24】マシュマロで抹茶ムース(単語解説付き)|英語レシピ

Matcha, a variety of green tea, is a popular flavor in Japanese confections. Matcha flavored sweets are already beloved worldwide. This time Naoko-sensei will be introducing how to make matcha mousse by using marshmallows which are commonly stored in a everyone’s cupboard.



・150g marshmallows(マシュマロ)

・6 tbsp milk(牛乳)

・330cc whipping cream (生クリーム) , vegetable based(植物性)

・3 tbsp matcha power (抹茶パウダー)

1. confection お菓子 、 cupboard (米)食器棚(英)パントリー、whipping cream or heavy cream 生クリーム、 vegetable based 植物性の

【How to cook|作り方】

1 Put marshmallows and milk in a saucepan over low heat, stirring with a spatula until the marshmallows completely melted.

2 Turn off the heat, add whipping cream and mix well. Then, divide the liquid equally in two bowls.

3 Add matcha power in one of the bowls by sifting it with a strainer.

4 Prepare a square container. And pour the 2 kind of liquid (white and green) alternately on the center of the container.

5 Chill it in the refrigerator until hardened. Serve a piece with seasonal fruits, whipped cream, and a chocolate garnish.

1. saucepan ソースパン(小鍋) 、over low heat 弱火にかけて、completely melt 完全に溶ける、devide O equally in two bowls Oを2つのボウルに均等に分ける。container 容器、whipped cream ホイップクリーム
、chocolate garnish チョコレートの飾り

【How to make chocolate garnishes】

Put strawberry chocolate in a Ziplock, and microwave it for 30 to 60 seconds (200w). Cut one corner of the Ziplock , squeeze chocolate onto baking paper, and draw a shape you like. Then, let it cool down.

squeeze 絞り出す, baking paper or parchment paper オーブンペーパー

Recipe Contributor |レシピ提供

Naoko Mori 森なおこ
‐Studied French cuisine under a former chief chef at Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo (ホテル椿山荘東京) for 3 years.
‐Acquired Japanese and herbal cuisine skills.
‐Cooking teacher for 10 years for Japanese and 7 years for Americans
‐Coordinating cooking classes for American cooking teachers

森なおこ先生の English出前プログラム 「外国人に日本の家庭料理を教えよう」はこちら↓

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