Mottainai Shokudou(もったいない食堂) | Fresh Fish Meal Set at Sasebo’s Fish Market | 佐世保魚市場にある高コスパの魚定食

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In autumn, many kinds of fish are in season in Japan. If you want to try fresh seasonal fish, we recommend to go “Mottainai Shokudou(もったいない食堂)“ in Ainoura-cho (相浦町).

Located inside the building of fish market on Ainoura port, Mottainai Shokudou offers Japanese-style meal set called teishoku (定食). Their dishes are made from fresh fish caught near Sasebo, locally grown veggies, organic rice, and additive-free seasonings. We ate sliced raw fish (sashimi ) and crispy deep-fried fish, Aji and Matoudai. All of them are soooo good! All teishoku come with one side dish, miso soup, rice, and pickles. Since this restaurant is at Sasebo fish market, it opens in the early morning and closes on 2 pm.

An English menu and English-speaking staff are not available, but you can easily place your order from viewing the images. Take the elevator to the 3rd floor and walk down the long corridor and turn right, then you will see the shop at the end.

お魚の美味しい季節がやって来ましたね。今回は相浦港にある「もったいない食堂」をご紹介します。佐世保魚市場ビルにあるため、魚の新鮮さは折り紙付き! 近郊で採れた無農薬・減農薬の野菜に、北松浦半島の無農薬白米、佐々町産の無農薬玄米、無添加の調味料が使われているのですって。こだわりの食材で、定食が700円~とはコスパが高い! お店は、魚市場ビルの入口からエレベーターで3階へ上がり、長~い廊下を右に曲がると突き当たりにあります。少し歩きますが、レストランの目の前は海! 美味しいお魚を食べながら贅沢な時間を過ごせますよ。


Higawari Teishoku (daily set) :700 yen

Aji Fry Teishoku (fried horse mackerel set) : 750 yen.

Matoudai Fry Teishoku (fried John dory set) : 750 yen

Sashimi Teishoku (raw fish set) : 1100 yen

Ichiya boshi Teishoku (dried fish set): 750 yen

Mottainai Shokudou (もったいない食堂)

📍 1563 Ainoura-cho, Sasebo MAP
🕔  7 am – 2 pm (LO: 1:30 pm)
Closed: Mostly on Sunday, Japanese holidays.
Instagram @mottainai_7666
Web site: [Here]

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