【English-friendly shop : Lofty Market / 英語OK!な店:手作りジェラート専門店 Lofty Market(ロフティマーケット)】

Summer ramps up in Sasebo.
Hello everyone. Today’s English friendly spot is, Lofty Market. A new shop in Funakoshi-cho.

The name of this shop was inspired by the owner, who lived in San Diego California for several years. She fell in love with the gelatos there and decided to introduce them to the people of Sasebo when she opened Lofty Market this past March.

All gelatos are homemade. There are ten flavors including, pistachio, milk, chocolate, and matcha. The most popular flavors are pistachio and chocolate, but personally, I loved the milk tea. Also, seasonal fruit flavors look delicious. This is definitely a must for your hot Sasebo summer.

Click the photo below to see more images. Information provided by SAFEE:

Address:2173-1 Funakoshi-chou, Sasebo
Hours: 0:00 pm– 5:00 pm
Open: From Fri. to Mon., Japanese holidays.

今回の英語OK!な店は、Lofty Market(ロフティマーケット)。


Gelato はイタリア語ですが、英語でもイタリア風のアイスはgelato。イタリア人街(Little Italy)のあるサンディエゴやサンフランシスコは、おいしいジェラート店が多いですよ。

Summer ramps up 夏っぽさが増す。
inspired by ~から着想を得る。
flavor 味、風味(鼻と舌で感じる味覚)
※taste は単純に舌で感じる味。
must 逃せないもの


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