【PR 】Sake Experience in Sasebo | Friendly TAXI TOUR to Sake Brewery

There are two historical sake breweries in Sasebo that are worth visiting. One is Senryu Sake Brewery established in 1688. Another is Umegae Sake Brewery established in 1787. The problem is that people who drive there aren’t allowed to drink the sake.

You have to purchase sake without a taste test and drink it at home.

King Taxi can arrange a private tour to these two sake breweries (choose either one you like). The private brewery tour includes sake tasting, a brewery warehouse tour, and shopping. You can arrange the tour as you like. English-friendly drivers are available and they have a lot of experience serving international customers. All of the taxis have access to the base and other millinery premises. Call a King taxi from your nearest place. They will take you on an amazing sake tasting tour.

English speaking drivers are available.

【Senryu Sake Brewery】

Senryu Brewery preserves its own traditional handmade methods without using machines. All sakes are made from locally grown rice and pure spring water. (Approx. 30 min by car from central Sasebo)

【Umegae Sake Brewery】

Umegae Sake Brewery produces award winning sakes. It is open throughout the year for sightseeing and available for free tastings as well. For more information, click here.

【Call King Taxi for Friendly TAXI TOUR】

“You can customize your private sightseeing tours according to your time and budget.
Our drivers are certified sightseeing tour guides (Kanko Meister of Sasebo City) . We are more than welcome to take you to many hidden sightseeing spots in Sasebo. (Approx. 30 min by car from central Sasebo)”

【Friendly TAXI TOUR】
Fare : 4,000 yen / hour * following the price setting by Sasebo City.  
Contact:  MUKO(向 和憲)
Phone : 090-9303-0477
E-mail : kazunori7@ymobile.ne.jp 
*Normal taxi service is also available (normal taxi fare).
Website: https://sasebo-kingtaxi.co.jp/kankou/

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