Café Bonheur: Kawaii Lunch on the Hill /カフェ・ボヌール de かわいいが詰まったランチ【森きらら方面】

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Today we are going to introduce you to Café Bonheur. This white and woody restaurant has a comfy and laidback atmosphere with a large parking space. Café Bonheur is a great place to drop by when you go to the Morikirara zoo area. Their No.1 menu is Bonheur Lunch which includes a stewed hamburger steak, gratin, grilled chicken, salad, soup, and a drink. It is priced reasonably at only 1,150 yen. They also offer a ginger pork bawl, baked curry and rice, pasta and more for lunch. In addition, there are a variety of deserts such as waffles, crapes, cute parfaits, French toast, ten kinds of smoothies and thirteen kinds of ice creams. English menu is unavailable, but you can easily order from viewing the images.


Café Bonheur (カフェ・ボヌール)

📍 421 421 Akasaki-cho, Sasebo(赤碕町), Sasebo MAP
🕔 11:30 am – 4:30 pm (LO: 4 pm)
Closed: Wed.
Instagram @cafebonheur.sasebo

Click the photo below to see more images. Information provided by SAFEE: 詳しくはSAFEEさんのWebサイトへ


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