English-friendly shop : HTC with LUCROSS / 英語OK!な店:HTC with LUCROSS【常盤町】


HTC with LUCROSS is a newly opened coffee shop inside a brand new building called LUCROSS. The place is just off the arcade, there was a bowling alley until few years ago. HTC with LUCROSS serves takeout only. It’s a good place to grab a cup of coffee during your work break or while strolling around. Echan’s Yuki-sensei and Rie-sensei visited there recently. We really liked its urban and stylish atmosphere and friendly service. And its drinks are super tasty but reasonably-priced!

This place is actually an affiliate shop of Happy Trails Coffee in Hino area. While Happy Trails Coffee is famous for its bagels, HTC with LUCROSS features sandwiches. A variety of sandwiches such as egg, tuna, and veggie are available. Yummy muffins are also waiting for you too! Here, now we have a delicious alternative to Starbucks and Tully’s.



07:30 am– 7:00 pm( for people who work in the building),
08:00 am– 6:30 pm (for visitors)
Closed: Sat. Sun. National Holidays
LUCROSS 1F, 5-3 Tokiwa mach, Sasebo
Map : here
Payment: cash, credit card, auPay, PayPay, Line Pay, iD, UnionPay, etc.
Parking: Not available

Click the link below to see more images. Information provided by SAFEE:

常盤町にオープンしたHTC with LUCROSSさんに、Echanチームも行ってきましたよ。都会的でスタイリッシュな店内にドキドキ! 系列店のハッピートレイルズコーヒーさんはベーグルサンドが有名ですが、こちらではサンドイッチが売られています。街中でパパッとコーヒーとサンドイッチが買えるお店って、大手ショップのほかに意外となかったですよね!Yuki先生はジンジャーレモンマートルをいただきましたが、爽やかでオススメです。


brand new 真新しい
bowling alley ボーリング場
〇〇 serves takeout only. 〇〇はテイクアウト専門店です
a variety of 様々な、バラエティ豊かな
reasonably-priced 手頃な


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