4 Reasons To Eat Japan’s Self-Defense Forces (Jieitai) Curry in Sasebo|佐世保の自衛隊カレーを食べるべき4つの理由【Sasebo Jieitai Gourmet Curry|させぼ自衛隊グルメ】

If you ever get the chance to visit or live in the navy city of Sasebo, do try some Japan’s Self-Defense Forces Curry, known as Jieitai Curry! Local restaurants in Sasebo teamed up with 25 ships or squads from the Maritime Self-Defense Force, Maritime Safety Agency and Ground Self-Defense Force. They created a unique local delicacy called “Sasebo Jieitai Gourmet Curry“. Here are four reasons why you must try some of them.


1. Curry is a special meal for Japanese navies.|カレーは海軍さんの特別なメニュー

During the Meiji era, the Imperial Japanese Navy lost many soldiers due to beriberi, caused by a lack of vitamin B1. When curry was introduced into their meals since it was nutritious and easily cooked in the ship, the number of deaths due to beriberi decreased. For this reason, curry is a special meal for the Japanese Navy recognized as a heroic meal. Now sailors eat curry every Friday to keep a sense of what day of the week it is during their long-term duty at sea.


Curry Friday! 金曜日はカレーの日!

2. Each Ship Provides her Best Recipe|各部隊が最高のレシピを提供!

Each ship provides its most delicious recipe to its partner restaurant. Because when it comes to curry, they don’t want to lose to other ships! “I was astounded that the recipe was so elaborate,” said Mr. Shigenobu, the owner of the participating restaurant, Aizan-tei. Local restaurants reproduce the passion-packed curry as close to the original as possible.


The participating restaurants must receive the certificate of accreditation from the captain of the ship/squad.


3.Truly delicious!|ガチでおいしい!

We spoke with the Chamber of Commerce staff in charge. “All the meals from the Sasebo Jieitai Gourmet Curry are delicious,” said Ms. Baba and Mr. Yamaguchi. They said they really meant it! Sasebo is the only city where people can eat curry from the Japanese navy, and army and Maritime Safety Agency.


4. Collect 25 kinds of pin badges. |25種のピンバッチがもらえる!

The Sasebo Jieitai Gourmet Campaign has started on January 22, 2024. If you eat Jieitai curry, post it on Instagram with a hashtag “#させぼ自衛隊グルメ” and show the post to the shop staff, you will receive a original pin badge (limited to 100 badges each restaurant). You can collect 25 different badges at 25 restaurants!

詳しくは商工会議所のHPへ→ こちら

The Restaurant List| 店舗リスト

English friendliness varies depending on the restaurant. We’ll updates you about it on our future article.

1Nagasaki Beef
JS ISEHere🅿 No, Included in the salad buffe or all-you-can-eat yakiniku
2Japanese restaurant
JS ARIAKEHere🅿 No, Reservation required by the day before.
3IsuzuAmphibious Rapid
Deployment Brigade
Here🅿 Yes
4Ichigyo-ichie Sasebo Training SquadHere🅿 Yes
*JS=Japanese Ship
5Kujukushima KaiyuuSasebo Base Service SquadHere🅿 No
6NishikazeJS AKEBONOHere🅿 Yes, Only 10 per day
Men’s sauna shop, Takeout only for ladies
9Sake Bar “Kaya”JS CHOKAIHere🅿 No
10Sasebox 99+1JS SAWAGIRIHere🅿 Yes
*JS=Japanese Ship

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