【Kougozaki: Former Ship Guard Station of Sasebo Bay】 【佐世保湾の入り口:高後崎番所跡をご存知ですか?】

Have you heard of “Kougozaki”? It is the name of the cape, and is entrance of Sasebo Bay. Since the width of the entrance of Sasebo Bay is only 850m, you can see the opposite shore; Yorifune of Nishisonogi peninsula, closely. Now the lighthouse is on the hill of the cape, but in old days, it was called “Kougozaki bansho” (Kougozaki Ship Guard Station) of Hirado Domain. Now you can see “Tomi-bansho ato” ( Remained site of distance viewing guard house) which was constructed in 1714. During Edo period, it took on roles to watch for suspicious foreign vessels and to prevent smuggling. There still remains “Funa-damari” (basin for vessels) where vessels were moored on the shore.

Why don’t you visit the site? You can also enjoy walking around there.

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