【Water Splash Festival: Emukae-cho, Sasebo】 【水かけ地蔵祭り:江迎町】

Have you ever seen “Water Splash Festival” in Emukae-cho? It is held on annually August 23, 24. Kids carry “Mokucho-Jizo” (carved wooden guardian deity of children) from Jufukuji temple carrying “Mikoshi” (a portable shrine) on their shoulders to Karei-river, and then they splash water on it. Once it gets drenched, Kids parade in town with portable shrine on their shoulders. People in each household splash water on kids and pray for good health.

Legend has it that more than 500 years ago, when epidemics spread in that area, kids carried a carved wooden guardian deity for children out of the temple and played with it splashing water.

Then diseases were cured in no time. It is said that became the beginning of the festival. Now the festival is well known as a main event of “Sen-toro Matsuri” (Thousand lanterns Festival).

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