【Tono-o market: Enjoy “Ton-neru Yokocho” (Tunnel alley)!】 【戸尾市場:昔ながらの人情が行き交う「とんねる横丁」】

 Tono-o market is in the central area of Sasebo city and has been well known as citizen’s kitchen pantry. After the World War Ⅱ, many black markets appeared and Tono-o area was very crowded with people dealing in necessities of the daily life. In 1948, food alley started with 18 stalls and some of them still offer nice dishes. They are in real air-raid shelters which were used during war time. They’ve been familiar with the name of “Ton-neru Yokocho (Tunnel Alley)”. Inside is just like “Tunnel” and dome type ceiling is impressive.


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