Popular Swimming Places in Sasebo 【タコちゃんプール】を英語で説明!

Ahh! I’m so hot. Where do people in Sasebo go swimming?

There are 2 popular places. One is a pool and another one is a beach.

Yay! A pool and a beach! Sounds good! Info pleeeeease.

Tako-chan pool on a hot summer day.

Sasebo Sogo Ground Pool a.k.a Tako-chan pool

(佐世保市総合グラウンドプール 通称「タコちゃんプール」) Web

Entrance fee : Highschool students & adults : 450 yen
Elementary & middle school students : 180 yen
Kids under elementary school : 110 yen
Water slide : 3 rides for 110 yen (vending machine near the slide)
Address: Shiinoki-cho, Sasebo MAP
Tel : 0956-47-3125
Hours : 9:00 – 17:00
Open from 4th Sun in June – first Sun in Sept

This is one of the oldest, most popular, and definitely the most fun pools in the city. It has a changeroom, but no shower. Parking space is in front of the facility but gets very crowded. Since it’s old, facility may not be state-of-the-art, but it’s clean, has homey-atmosphere, and is perfect for family fun.
Note on Tattoo policy for pools: all tattoos must be covered with rash guards (jacket-like top that you wear over your swim suit for protection of skin). Rental rash guards are available, but not many. Ask staff.

Water slides for both adults and kids.

Hey wait, what’s “tako” ? ねぇ待って、「タコ」って何よ?

The name “Tako-chan” comes from the iconic tako (=octopus) shaped fountain in kid’s pool. OK then, next is the beach!

It was selected Best 100 Beaches in Japan by Ministry of Environment in 2006. You can watch the sun set in the beautiful Kuju Kushima Islands on the horizon.

Shirahama Beach (白浜海水浴場) Web

Address : 3248 Tawaragaura-cho MAP
Hours : 9:00 – 17:00 (weekday), 9:00 – 18:00 (weekends & holidays)
Entrance Fee : 410 yen (junior high school student or older), 260 yen (elementary school student or younger)
520 yen (for a mat to place under the shack)
Open from second Sat in July – Aug 20

More than 30,000 people visit here annually.  The area includes a stretch of sandy beach surrounded by palm trees and clear blue water.  Showers, bathrooms and shacks are available.

Dogs are allowed outside of the ropes surrounding people’s swimming zone. Pets are not allowed inside the people’s area including the sandy beach.

Alright! I am SO ready to go! オッケー!もう、今すぐにでも、 行きたい!

Right, you go girl. はいは~い、いってらっしゃいな。

Hope you all enjoy your summer too! みなさんも、夏を楽しんでくださいね!


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