Kouzaki-bana, westernmost point of Japan mainland 【日本の本土最西端の地、小佐々町楠泊・神崎鼻】

Have you ever visited the cape, called “Kouzaki-bana” in Kusudomari, Kosaza-cho, Sasebo city?
It is the westernmost point of Japan mainland, 129 degrees, 33 minutes east longitude and 33 degrees, 13 minutes north latitude. 
The cape is maintained as a park and the sunset view from there is wonderful. In addition, you can get the certificate of visiting the westernmost point of Japan mainland at Kosaza branch office of Sasebo city.


For more info click here 詳しくはコチラから
(Jumps to Sasebo City website / 市役所のホームページに飛びます)

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