【City’s asset: Haiki Bell Tower from Edo/佐世保文化財:早岐の鐘楼山門】

Have you ever visited Dainen-ji temple in Haiki, Sasebo? It is an old temple which is reported to have been founded by Kawashiri governor of Oki in 1541. Its main gate was rebuilt in 1850 and is called “Hakama-goshi” (trapezoid pedestal) bell tower which serves as bell tower hall, too. 

In 1991, when the main hall was burnt down, the gate was miraculously safe. This kind of gate with Hakama-goshi bell tower was constructed preferably after Kamakura era. This gate has an architectural characteristics of Edo era and is quite precious as the only one which remains in Sasebo. It is designated as Tangible Cultural Property by Sasebo city. Hope your visiting!

Address: Dainen-ji temple, 2-19-47 Haiki, Sasebo MAP
Phone: 0956-35-2503
Parking: available
Transportation: Sasebo city bus or Saihi bus, Haiki-nakamachi bus stop
Guide: none
※For more information, visit this website


住所:佐世保市早岐2-19-47 大念寺 MAP
交通:市営バス、西肥バス 早岐中町バス停

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