Fireflies Viewing Event in Yunoki / 柚木ホタル観賞会

This weekend, a fireflies viewing event will be held in Yunoki area, near a park called Satoyoshi-cho Douro Kouen. Every year, several hundreds of fireflies fly around the area. It’s one of the most beautiful spots to see the glow of fireflies in Sasebo. 

During the 2-day event, you can buy local specialties of Yunoki area such as Amusu melons and hotaru (firefly) bean-paste buns. Also, there will be food stalls. 

Parking is available. Why don’t you spend a romantic night by seeing the magical view of fireflies? 

June 8 and 9, 2019, from 18:30 to 21:00
Place: 1434-1 Satoyoshi-cho, Sasebo
Parking: available



firefly (lightning bug) ホタル
glow 燃えていない物体の放つ光、輝き
local specialty 地域の特産品
bean-paste bun まんじゅう
food stall 食べ物を売る露店

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