Yaki Nasu (Grilled Eggplant):Naoko-sensei’s Japanese Recipe No. 21 【なおこ先生の日本料理 21】直火で“焼きナス” | 英語レシピ


Today we are introducing a Japanese traditional eggplant recipe called Yaki Nasu (Grilled Eggplant). Eggplants are in season from summer to autumn. It’s a great appetizer or a side dish in summer. Well-chilled Yaki Nasu is so delicious and really helps cool you down. The recipe is simple, but there are several tips to keep the eggplant juicy.

今回のなおこ先生のレシピは、日本伝統のなす料理“焼きナス”です。ナスは夏から秋が旬! 暑い夏に冷やした焼きナスは最高ですね。簡単ですが、ナスのみずみずしさを損なわないように作るのがポイントです。

(単語) eggplant dish ナス料理、grilled eggplant 焼きナス、in season 旬である、chilled 冷やした


□ 2 long eggplants (naganasu)
□ 2cm ginger, grated
□ 50cc ponzu vinegar (Ajipon mild)
□ 1cup dried bonito flakes

I recommend to use long, slender eggplants called naga nasu. Because they are evenly thick. なすは太さが均一な長なすがオススメです。

1. ponzu vinegar
ポン酢, 2.長なす long, slender eggplant. 3. grated ginger すりおろしショウガ、4 dried bonito flake 鰹節、evenly thick 太さが均一。

【Grill net | 焼き網】

A tip to make delicious Yaki Nasu is to burn the skin of an eggplant. So we highly recommend to use a grill net or a wire rack and grill the eggplant over an open fire. You can get a grill net with folding legs at a 100 yen shop. If you want to do without the grill net, you can substitute a BBQ grill or a grill pan for it.

焼きナスは、皮に焦げ目を付けるのがポイント! 焼き網を使ってぜひ直火で焼いてください。100均にスタンド付きの焼き網が売ってありますよ。ない場合は、魚焼きグリルやグリルパンでも代用できます。

1. burn the skin of an eggplant ナスの皮を焦がす、2. over an open fire. 直火で、3. grill net 焼き網

【How to cook|作り方】

1. Cut eggplants to the length of the grill net. And place the eggplants on the net. Keep the flame higher middle. Do not turn the heat low.

long eggplants(naganasu), cut to the length of your grill net.| 網の長さに合わせてナスを切る

2.Turn the eggplants three or four times to burn all sides of the skin.

1. to the length of the grill net. 焼き網の長さに合わせて 2.Keep the flame higher middle. 火は中火の上に保つ
3. completely burnt 完全に焦げ目がついたら、4. remove from the heat 火から降ろす

3.After the skin of the eggplant is completely burnt, remove from the heat and place on a bat.

4. Dip your fingers in iced water and start peeling the skin off.  Keep cooling down your finger while peeling off the skin. You can use chopsticks or a fork to make the peeling easier.

Don’t soak the eggplants in water. The eggplants get soggy. ナスを水につけると、ベチャっとなります。

Remove the burnt skin completely like this.

4.Cut into 4 cm(1.5 in) pieces and chill well in the fridge. Put them in to the freezer for 20 minutes when you are in hurry.

5.Combime ponzu vinegar and grated ginger to make the sauce.

6.Pour the sauce over the well-chilled eggplants and sprinkle dried bonito flakes.

Pour the sauce and sprinkle dried bonito flakes just before you eat them. 食べる前にソースと鰹節をかけましょう。

1. Dip your fingers in iced water. 氷水に指をつける。2. Keep cooling down your finger while peeling off the skin. 指を冷やしながら皮を剥く。3. chill well in the fridge. 冷蔵庫でよく冷やす。Put them in to the freezer when you are in hurry. 急いでいる時は冷凍庫に入れる

Recipe Contributor |レシピ提供

Naoko Mori 森なおこ
‐Studied French cuisine under a former chief chef at Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo (ホテル椿山荘東京) for 3 years.
‐Acquired Japanese and herbal cuisine skills.
‐Cooking teacher for 10 years for Japanese and 7 years for Americans
‐Coordinating cooking classes for American cooking teachers

森なおこ先生の English出前プログラム 「外国人に日本の家庭料理を教えよう」はこちら↓

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