【Feb 2: Setsubun】Invite Happiness with Mamemaki & Ehoumaki【2月2日は節分】豆まき&恵方巻きで「福」を呼び込もう

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In 2021, February 2nd is the day of Setsubun. Normally Setsubun is held on February 3rd, but irregularly 2nd is the day this year (It hasn’t happened in 124 years! ). Anyway, Setsubun is the day before the beginning of spring (Risshun) in Japan. Since Risshun used to be considered the day New Year starts, we celebrate the previous day with some special rituals to cleanse all the evil of the former year and welcome good lucks for the new year. 

2月2日は節分! 通常は3日ですが、今年は124年ぶりに2日になるそう。 節分は、春の開始日(立春)の前日になります。昔は立春が年の始まりとされていたことから、節分では、前の年の邪気を払って幸運を呼び込む行事が行われます。

What is Mame-maki (Bean throwing ceremony)? 豆まきとは?

One of the special rituals is called mamemaki or bean throwing ceremony. We throw roasted beans inside and outside our houses while shouting “Demons out, Fortune in! (Oni wa soto, Fuku wa uchi) ” and then, eat the same number of beans as your age to wish their good health over the year. Generally, a father will take a role of “Oni” and his kids throw beans at him.


Ehoumaki, Sushu Rolls to Eat in 2021

Another ritual event is to eat a sushi roll, called ehoumaki on the night of Setsubun. The way of eating is a kind of WEIRD. We eat a non-sliced long sushi roll without pause or chatter while making a wish, facing the direction of best luck (eho) specified for each year. Okey, the picture below will make you understand better, we eat a sushi roll like this. It looks weird or absurd, but actually it’s fun to eat with your family and friends (off course you can eat by yourself) . This year’s direction is South-Southeast (If you are in the central Sasebo, face toward Huis Ten Bosh) . Let’s grab a roll, dip it in soy sauce a little bit, and eat to get some good luck.

節分のもう一つのイベントといえば、夜に恵方巻きを食べることでしょう! 切らないままの恵方巻きに無言でかぶりつく姿は、どこから見ても変! でも家族や友達と食べると楽しいですよね。今年の恵方は南南東 (市内中心部からだとハウステンボス方面?)です。

Where to buy | どこで買える?

You can buy ehoumaki and a roasted beans set for mamemaki at supermarkets and convenience stores on the day. To buy limited versions of Ehoumaki at supermarkets / convenience stores, pre-orders are required as well as sushi restaurants.


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