【Traditional Crafts in Sasebo】Tribute to the Lord: Masterpieces of Mikawachi Porcelain | 殿様への献上品:三川内焼の名工と作品を偲ぶ

Mikawachi is a historical town where you can still see chimneys of pottery & porcelain kiln here and there. Highly skilled craftsmen once created masterpieces of pottery (porcelain)  and offered to Hirado clan as its patronized kiln. It is said that there still remain a lot of masterpieces as treasures which are closed to the public. They say they made more than two and chose better one when they offered their masterpiece to the lord of Hirado clan. Nevertheless the rest of masterpieces are tremendously wonderful. In addition, they offered their masterpieces without inscription on them because of the patronized kiln. I wish I could feel their craftsmanship at that time.

※Map to Mikawachi porcelain and other information:



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