【Participants Wanted!】The International Team Go! will Perform at The 25th YOSAKOI Sasebo Festival | 第25回 YOSAKOIさせぼ祭り国際交流チーム 参加者大募集!!【佐世保de英会話】


Participants Wanted for an International Yosakoi Team

“International Team GO!” will be formed to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the YOSAKOI Sasebo Matsuri.

We are recruiting people who would like to perform the Yosakoi dance at the festival!

*The 25 spots are open for foreign residents.

The dance is simple and easy! All ages and nationalities are welcome (kindergarteners and above)! We, Sasebo E Channel will support the communication as interpreters and dance members! Don’t miss out on an awesome experience unique to Sasebo. Let’s broaden our mutual understanding of each other’s cultures through the Yosakoi dance and show the power of international exchange to the world!

Performance Schedule

International Team GO! will perform in 2 categories: 100-Member Team Battle Stage, and The Final Stage Exhibition both on Sunday, October 22 at Chuo Park. These two stages will be our main performances.

In addition, we will dance at several stages including the Ginza throughout the entire festival. Those are optional to attend.

Saturday. October 211or2 performances at regular venues *1
100-member team parade (the Ginza venue)*1
Sunday, October 221 performance at a regular venue *1
100-Member Team Battle Stage (Chuo Park)
the Final Stage Exhibition(Chuo Park)

*1: Optional to attend.
**Even if it’s difficult to attend the two main performances on Oct.22, feel free to contact us.

Join a trial session for free!

Before you register as a member, you can join a trial session for free! Don’t miss out on the opportunity to learn Yosakoi dance in English! Apply now from here.
Application Form

Trial sessions schedule
Sep. 2 (Sat.)
AM 10:00 to 11:30 at Nishi Chiku Community Center, Hall
Sep. 10 (Sun.)
AM 10:00 to 11:30 at Yamazumi Chiku Community Center, 3F Auditorium
Oct. 1 (Sun.)
AM 10:00 to 11:30 at Yamazumi Chiku Community Center, 3F Auditorium

Eligible Applicants
①Foreign residents in Sasebo and the suburbs
②Japanese who would like to enjoy Yosakoi and international exchange.
   (Kindergarteners and above for both ① and ②)
An original team happi coat will be included in the participation fee. Naruko (small wooden clappers) can be rented or purchased.
Fee Per Person: 5,000 Yen
*incl. a happi coat, entry fee, venue fee, instruction fee, sports insurance, etc.
A one or two-time attendance is required to practice dance.
Practice sessions:
October 7 (Sat.): 7 to 8:30 PM
Venue: Kukken Hiroba 3F 【Map
October 15 (Sun.): 10 to 11:30AM
Venue: Yamazumi Chiku Community Center 【Map

For more information, click the following.
YOSAKOI Sasebo Matsuri Official Page (Japanese only)
English Flyer


今年の「第25回YOSAKOIさせぼ祭り」開催を記念し、国際交流をテーマとしたYOSAKOIチーム「インターナショナルチーム-GO!!-」が結成されることになりました! Sasebo E Channel もチーム運営を全面サポートします。体験会、大会の練習は「りえ先生の通訳付き」! ゆき先生も翻訳のサポートほか、メンバーとして踊る予定です。









【第 1 回】 9 月 2 日(土)10:00〜11:30
場所/西地区コミュニティセンター ホール
【第 2 回】 9 月 10 日(日)10:00〜11:30
場所/山澄地区コミュニティセンター 3F 講堂
【第 3 回】 10 月 1 日(日)10:00〜11:30
場所/山澄地区コミュニティセンター 3F 講堂

■参加費/一人 5,000円
場所/四ケ町アーケード内 くっけん広場 3F 【Map
場所/山澄地区コミュニティセンター 3F 講堂【Map


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