YOSAKOI Sasebo Festival & The International Team Go!! Performance Schedule |YOSAKOIさせぼ祭り&インターナショナルチームーGO!!-演舞スケジュール【佐世保de国際交流】

International Team GO!! will finally perform dance on Saturday October 21 and Sunday, October 22. Now that our original Happi coats have arrived, we are ready to perform in 100-Member Team Battle category as a joint team with Team DAIDEN. We’ll also perform on several stages and a parade. If you go see Yosakoi Sasebo Festival, find us and enjoy dance together.


International Team Go!! Schedule|演舞スケジュール

Saturday, October 21

アルカス佐世保|ARKAS Sasebo
四ヶ町アーケードのパレード|the Ginza strip parade
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Sunday, October 22

島瀬公園| Shimanose Park [MAP]
100バトルステージ|100 Battle Stage
at Nakiri main stage [MAP] (名切メイン会場)
the Final Stage Exhibition
at Nakiri main stage [MAP] (名切メイン会場)

We Assist Interpretation at Final Stage!

Rie sensei from Sasebo E Channel will be in charge of English MC. After she interpreted all practice sessions for International Team GO!! She will be interpreting the final stage for Yosakoi Sasebo Festival!


About Yosakoi Sasebo Festival

1. It’s one of the biggest Yosakoi festivals in Western Japan. 西日本最大級!

2. The rules of Yosakoi dance are simple: You have to use naruko (wooden clappers) and the performance should be within 4 minutes and a half. Although the costume and naruko still have traditional taste but Yosakoi dance is contemporary and freestyle!
よさこい踊りのルールは、1. 鳴子を使うことと、2. 演舞時間は4分半であること、の2つのみ。自由で活気あふれるパフォーマンスが魅力です。

3.About 120 teams from all over Japan will participate and compete in one main category and other 3 sub categories.

4. There are 11 venues all over the city. It means the whole city will going to be festive!
– Nakiri Main Stage (Chuo Park)
– Sankacho and Yonkacho Arcade (the Ginza Strip)
– Sasebo Station
– ARKAS Sasebo
– Huis Ten Bosh
– Kujukushima Pearl Sea, and more!

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