【Nagasaki City Events】The 21st Nagasaki International Festival on Oct. 27!【長崎市】ながさき国際協力・交流フェスティバル 10月27日開催!

The 21st Nagasaki International Festival will be held on Sunday, October 27!
Thirty four organizations will attend the festival from the field of international exchange, cooperation and helping foreign residents. It will be a great opportunity to deepen an understanding of different cultures.

This year’s theme is “Discover, Support Good Causes, Experience, and Eat!” Participate in the international co-op by buying fair-trade goods, you’ll be able to enjoy a language exchange, experience Japanese culture such as kimono-wearing and tea ceremony. Enjoy foods from all over the world! The Bangladeshi style curry on the flyer looks soooo yummy!

The festival will be held inside the brand new Nagasaki Prefectural Office. It’s located in a beautiful bay area close to Nagasaki station. You may be able to enjoy the festival and also a seaside walk if it’s sunny.

Nagasaki International Festival
Nagasaki Prefectural Office

Date: Oct.27 (Sun.)
Time: 11 am to 4 pm

第21回 ながさき国際協力・交流フェスティバルが10月27日に行われます。
JICA九州を始め、長崎県内の国際交流・国際協力、在住外国人支援等の分野で活動する34団体が出展予定 とのこと! 興味のある方は、実際に貴重なお話が聞けるかもしれません。

語学体験コーナー“Let’s 海外 GO!”では、外国人と交流できるそう。フェアトレード商品を買って国際協力デビューしたあとは、 世界の料理に舌鼓! ぜひ長崎市まで出かけてみてはいかがでしょうか?

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