【Sasebo Eats】Quick bento box and real breakfast at home【させぼんごはん#10】佐世保のリアルなおうちメニュー:究極の時短弁当&主婦のごはん、あるある?

In this corner we show pictures of everyday food in Sasebo. Read the menu under the photo.

みなさん、こんにちは!このコーナーでは、佐世保のご家庭内の「ふつうのごはん」を紹介していきます。食の理解は文化の理解につながります。日米双方の「Everyday food」を紹介していければと思います。写真の下に各メニューの英語を記載しています。

Today’s menu is a bento box. A bento box is a Japanese-style lunch box that typically holds a single portion meal, usually consisting of rice, a main dish and some sides. While some people diligently home-cook all the dishes, some take it easy by using frozen food or ready-made food.


Fried rice (frozen), boiled broccoli (same), steamed chicken (from convenient store), potato salad (same), sausage cut like a flower.

This is a case when a 13 year-old son tells his mom just as she’s going to bed that he needs a bento box tomorrow morning. 

Croquette (frozen), cucumber salad, ready-made hamburger steak, spaghetti (frozen), ham sausage, boiled eggs, rice balls (tuna, yukari)

And this was mom’s breakfast as the result of that.

Leftovers from bento box (rice, boiled egg, hamburger steak, hamsausage).

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