【Sasebo Eats】the real meals at home【させぼんごはん】佐世保のリアルなおうちメニュー#9 Matsutake 秋の味覚「松茸」は英語で?

In this corner we show pictures of everyday food in Sasebo. Today we have one dinner photo from a typical Sasebo family. Read the menu under the photo.

みなさん、こんにちは!このコーナーでは、佐世保のご家庭内の「ふつうのごはん」を紹介していきます。食の理解は文化の理解につながります。日米双方の「Everyday food」を紹介していければと思います。写真の下に各メニューの英語を記載しています。

Matsutake mushrooms (top)
Seasoned rice cooked with matsutake mushrooms, matsutake soup, KFC (bottom)

Matsutake (ma-too-tah-kay) are a kind of mushroom that grow on roots of red pines and other trees in and outside Japan. Their strong spicy aroma stimulates the appetite and they are considered to be the autumn delicacy in Japan.
They can be pretty pricey, domestic ones ranging from about 1,500JPY to 7,000JPY depending on size and quality.
Popular matsutake dishes include “dobin mushi” (matsutake steamed with soup in a teapot) and “matsutake gohan” (rice cooked with matsutake, photo above). Generally they are cooked with only a light seasoning so their smell isn’t lost. 
However, there is a famous saying in Japan that matsutake mushrooms have the best aroma but it’s shimeji mushrooms that have the best taste. Try if this is true!


そうね、ちなみに「秋の味覚」はautumn delicacy. Autumn food や seasonal food of autumn でもOKよ。
「松茸」はmatsutake mushrooms。しいたけやしめじなんかも、shiitake、shimeji の後にmushroom をつけて言うのが一般的よ。


「香り松茸、味しめじ」ってやつね!英語にすると… “matsutake mushrooms have the best aroma but shimeji mushrooms have the best taste” かな~。


さすが、天高く馬肥ゆる秋…  Autumn with the sky clear and blue, and horses growing stout.

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Food contributor/ごはん協力: keisuke


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