【Sasebo Eats】 the real meals at home 【させぼんごはん】佐世保のリアルなおうちメニュー#2

Here we show pics of everyday food in Sasebo!
Today we have three dinner photos from a typical Sasebo family.
Read the menu under the pics.

Hiyashi Chuka (chilled Chinese noodles), salmon sashimi, croquette, chicken nanban (fried chicken with vinegar and tartar sauce)
Takenoko (bamboo shoot)
Takenoko gohan (rice with bamboo shoots), egg soup, some ready-made side dishes from supermarket, cabbage, natto

The second dinner shows “takenoko (bamboo shoot)” dish.
Takenokos are a taste of spring in Japan.
You can purchase bamboo shoots in supermarkets, but some people actually go takenoko-digging in nearby bamboo forest.
High in protein, low-cal, crunchy and juicy, bamboo shoots are a seasonal delicacy!

Rice with umeboshi (sour plum), Chikuzen-ni (chicken, vegetables, konnyaku/devil’s tongue cooked in broth), miso soup, salad

Send us pics of YOUR dinner, lunch, breakfast, or snacks.
Understanding food is a key to understanding culture! 

食の理解は文化の理解につながります。日米双方の「Everyday food」を紹介していければと思います。

たけのこ:bamboo shoot
taste of spring:「春を告げる味」のニュアンスです
go takenoko digging:たけのこ掘りに行く 
low-cal:low in caloriesの略。「低カロ」ですね。
seasonal delicacy:季節のごちそう

Send us YOUR home meals/snacks!

    Food contributor/ごはん協力:keisuke

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