【Etiquette in Japan #1 : Visiting Patients /知っておくと便利!お見舞い品のマナー】

“Omimai” means “going to hospital to see someone”. But when you do omimai in Japan, you have to be careful about the gift.


Flowers are typical get-well gifts, but there are some taboos in Japanese culture.
A potted plant is one of them. Because taking root associates that the disease hangs on for a long time. Don’t bring white flowers and chrysanthemums: there are for funerals in Japan. Cyclamen (Shikuramen シクラメン) should also be avoided: the first two characters remind us of Shi (death) and Ku (pain). Red flowers can be associated with blood. 


Then what should we bring? A flower bouquet or arrangement in bright colors (pink, yellow, or orange) will be preferable. Preserved flowers are getting popular these days since some hospitals now started to prohibit fresh flowers to bring for sanitary reasons. 

では何を持っていけばいいの?となりますよね。花を贈るなら、 ピンクやイエロー、オレンジなどの明るい花束かアレンジメントがいいでしょう。最近は衛生上、生花を持ち込めない病院も増えていて、プリザーブドフラワーが人気だそうですよ。

Fruits and sweets are also common gifts for hospital visits. Towels can be a good one because there are useful in the hospital. 


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