【A famous legendary man: Shinju Tokuda: in Emukae】 【江迎町の伝説の名物男:徳田真寿翁を知っていますか?】

 Have you heard of a man who is famous for his strange attitude and belongings in Emukae, Sasebo? His name is Mr. Shinju Tokuda. He was born in 1867 and ran financial business in his hometown. He was famous for his extremely strange and wacky clothing. Moreover, he did nothing but stick to “triangle” in the shape of furniture and household goods, table ware, futon (Japanese bed), ihai (Buddhist mortuary tablet), and even his gravestone.

 He has his own philosophy saying that triangles lead to the circle when they get together, express infinite possibilities, and people can share the joy with the circle of gathering triangle small dining tables. You can see the triangle gravestone and his strange articles left behind in Emukae. For more information, call Emukae community center (0956-66-2175) or Emukae branch office of Sasebo city (0956-66-2111).

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