【Uragashira: Former Repatriation port being changed!】 【浦頭港:戦後の引き揚げ港から世界とつなぐ港へ】

Do you know “Uragashira Repatriation Memorial Peace Park” near Huis Ten Bosch?

Along with the end of World WarⅡ, about 6.29 million Japanese people repatriated from overseas. Here in Uragashira, Sasebo, Repatriation Relief Bureau was established and 1.4 million people landed.

In 1986, Uragashira Repatriation Memorial Peace Park and Museum were constructed on the hill overlooking Uragashira port to hand down the Repatriation’s history to posterity as the local historical legacy and is open to the public to pray for the eternal peace.

In addition, 410m long quay has been constructed to welcome larger cruise ships in Uragashira. Former Repatriation port is going to be a gateway to the world next year!

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