【Dine-out & To-go in Sasebo】Amazing 1.2 kg Curry!-DANCHI SYOKUDOU | “コスパが高い”って英語で何て言う?「だんち食堂」【テイクアウトあり!】


Hello everyone! This is not actually a English-friendly spot, but we can’t resist introducing it to you. Danchi Shokudo is a Japanese-style diner offering tasty Japanese everyday dishes at great prices.

Look at the picture below. It’s their signature dish “DD curry”, a extra large size of Japanese curry and rice. It’s still affordable at ¥1000 yen although it weighs 1.2 kg twice as large as their normal size. It’s topped with pork cutlets, deep-fried prawns, and fried chicken on the curry and rice. The portion will definitely satisfy a big eater’s stomach. You can also share it with your kids since it ‘s not too spicy.

DD curry ©SAFEE

Danchi Shokudo was opened to offer delicious meals for business people in the business district, so their meals are inexpensive, substantial and arrive quickly! Aside from the extra large curry, they offer several kinds of teishoku, a set meal which comes with a main, miso soup, rice, salad, and pickles. All meals are great values for your money (from 500 yen to 700 yen) .

They open from 10 am to 3 pm on weekdays. They speak Japanese only but they really welcome people from all over the world. Photos on the menu will assist you to order.

More photos and the map from here, information provided by SAFEE:

Hours:10:00 – 15:00
Closed: Sat, Sun
Address:12-2 Oroshihon-machi, Sasebo
Map: [Click here]
Takeout: Drop in orders are welcome. Reservation is in Japanese only. Call 080-8572-1953 from 8 am to 10:30 am for the day of arrival. When order more than 10 dishes, reservation should by done by the day before.



コスパがいい(コストパフォーマンスがいい)は直訳すると、It has good cost performance. ですが、専門的なニュアンスで普段の会話では使われません。great value for money (the price ) は、“値段の割にとても価値がある”という意味で、コスパがいいに近い意味となります。at great (reasonable) pricesや 単に“reasonable “でも可。

The hotel is great value for money!
The curry is reasonable!

can’t resist ~ing ~せずにいられない
resist は抵抗する
weigh + 重さ ○○の重さである
※S weigh 60kg = Sは60kgの重さだ
inexpensive 安い
substantial (量が)たっぷりの
pickle (塩や酢の)漬物

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