【Restaurants in Sasebo|英語OK!な店】Reopened Shops in 2019 #1: Cafe “3and” | 2019年にリニューアルオープンした店特集① 3and(サンド)

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Hello Everyone!
Before 2019 ends, we wrote about three English-friendly shops which reopened after renovating or relocating!

The first shop is Café “3and” which we introduced in 2018 on our Facebook page. After relocating to Gion-cho in July 2019, its got more comfy and relaxing with a larger space. Its signature dish, “dashi roll egg (rolled omelet) sandwich” is still super delicious. If you have never eaten eels in Japan, you should try “Unagi dashi roll egg sandwich”. If you have a sweet tooth, fruit custard sandwich will be a must-try!

Parking is not available, use a nearby parking space or just park in front of the shop to go.

Photo with map from here, information provided by SAFEE:

Closed: Tuesday and irregular
Address:3-20 Gion-chou, Sasebo
Map: https://goo.gl/maps/99emXxw27XMUV2fT9


まず、常盤町にあった3and(サンド)は7月に祇園町に場所を変えリニューアルオープンしました。前よりも広くなった店内! 寿司職人のオーナーさん一家が作る“だし巻きサンド”や”昆布じめフィッシュサンド“は、相変わらず絶品ですよ。甘党なら フルーツカスタードサンドもぜひトライして!

リニューアルオープンは和製英語。reopen “再オープンする” を使いましょう。改装オープンなら”reopen after renovating”, 移転オープンなら”reopen after relocating ”などとなります。

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