Have you ever seen Megane-iwa? (Glasses Rock)/ 伝説の?眼鏡岩を見たことありますか?

Have you ever seen or heard of “Megane-iwa” which means “Glasses Rock” in Setogoshi-cho, Sasebo? It is a huge rock of sandstone which has two big holes of 8m and 10m in diameter.

 Long time ago, the place used to be in the sea and through erosion, seafloor rising, weathering, two big holes are thought to be created. The legend has it that a big devil used to live in Sasebo, one day, when he woke up after taking a nap, he stretched himself out and broke two holes open by kicking the rock.

In addition, you can find a historical trace that Kukai (a.k.a. Kobo-Daishi: Japanese Great Buddhist teacher) stopped by the place when he accompanied Kentoshi (Japanese envoy to Tang Dynasty China) in 804. The Glasses Rock is also known as one of Hirado-Hakkei (8 scenery spots).




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