Report: The 4th Sasebo Expo 2019 /文化交流イベント“第4回Sasebo Expo 2019 レポート

The 4th Sasebo Expo 2019 was held on May 6 in Sasebo City Cultural Hall.
Due to the last day of the Golden Week holidays, there was a great turnout at the event hall.

American and Japanese children enjoyed cultural exchanges through koto playing, Sasebo top spinning, plate spinning, flower arrangement, American board games, and more. Also, there were new booths such as Ninjya star (shiriken) throwing game and Star Wars shooting game!

Thank everyone from Sasebo Expo Team for making this event more successful every time. Also, we would like to thank all the volunteer staff including students from Sasebo North High School, Seiwa Joshi Gakuin High School, Sasebo Commercial High School, National Institute of Technology, Sasebo College and American Girl Scouts! 
Hope to see you all again. May the Force be with you!

5月6日、第4回Sasebo Expo 2019が開催されました。

Due to ~のため、~が原因で
turnout イベントなどの出席者
ex)There was a great turnout at~:~(場所)は大賑わいでした。
top spinning 独楽まわし
plate spinning 皿まわし
such as (例えば)~などの
throwing star/ninja star 手裏剣
make this event more successful every time

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