【English-friendly shop : Big Man’s burgers/英語OK!な店:ビッグマン四ヶ町店】

Hi everyone!
Today’s English-friendly place in Sasebo is Big Man!

One of the most famous Sasebo burger shops. Their specialty is the bacon and egg burger. See this picture. It is a juicy combination of patty, bacon and egg perfection!

While their small main shop always has a long line of tourists, Yonkacho Arcade Branch has a roomy and relaxing space with a capacity of 100 seats! Also, power outlets are available to use PCs or charge your smartphones.

If you make a stamp card and collect 3 stamps, you will get a VIP card to have a free French fries deal FOREVER! This place is truly worth dropping by regularly, isn’t it?

Photo with map from here, information provided by SAFEE
Address:7-7 Shimanose-chou, Sasebo, Nagasaki MAP
Open all year round

今回は佐世保バーガーのお店から「ビッグマン 四ヶ町アーケード店」をご紹介!
ビッグマンといえば、“ジュ~シ~なお肉の上に重なるベーコンと卵 ”のベーコンエッグバーガーが有名ですね。

(長崎県に特化したウェブメディア「 SAFEE (サフィー)」さんのご協力を得て掲載しております)

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