【Japanese Izakaya & Takeout in Sasebo 】Standing Bar ” NAKAOBUDOU” | “オードブル盛り合わせ”って英語で何て言う? 中尾葡萄【上京町】


Nakaobudou is a new standing bar opened this spring. They offer Japanese and western-style Izakaya dishes at an affordable price. Try their ahijos (Salmon or mushrooms or chicken neck are cooked with a loads of garlic and olive oil) , kushiyaki, pastas and more with a glass of cold beer or wine this early autumn! If you want to sit down and relax, there is a VIP space upstairs.

Unfortunately just after opening, they had to shift to takeout and delivery services, due to covid-19. Just recently however, they have restarted their normal restaurant service with thorough care for social distancing, ventilation, and sterilization. Takeout menus, bento boxes, and assorted hors d’oeuvres are also a great choice. English menus are available.

More photos and the map from here, information provided by SAFEE :

Hours:17:00 – 24:00
Closed: None
Address:7-11 Kamikyou-machi, Sasebo
Map: https://goo.gl/maps/z1af2dmaEkAW3ggz7


オードブル(hors d’oeuvre)の語源はフランス語ですが、英語圏でもhors d’oeuvreが使われます。hors d’oeuvreは前菜という意味。前菜の盛り合わせだと、assorted hors d’oeuvre や assortment of hors d’oeuvres と表現します。starter やappetizer も“前菜”という単語ですが、hors d’oeuvreよりもカジュアルなニュアンスになります。


standing bar 立ち飲みバー(居酒屋)
at an affordable price. リーズナブルな価格で
ahijos アヒージョ
a loads of たくさんの~
upstairs 上の階に
with thorough care 徹底的な注意を払って
ventilation 換気
sterilization 殺菌


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