【Shops in Sasebo】Organic, Gluten-free, and Superb Eggs! A Produce Store, “marukazu_833” |オーガニック×グルテンフリー×美味しすぎる卵! 「marukazu(マルカズ)833」

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What is “marukazu_833”? | マルカズってどんな店?

Hasami-cho’s famous “marukazu_833” opened a branch shop in Sasebo. “marukazu_833” is a specialty store selling locally grown vegetables, organic foods, gluten-free products, and so on. You can buy interesting selected goods that are rarely seen at other stores.

波佐見町で人気の『marukazu(マルカズ)833』が下京町に2号店をオープンしています。 一見、普通の生産者市場ですが、 オーガニックやグルテンフリーの食品など、こだわりの食品がたくさん置いてありますよ。

Gluten-free products
Fair trade chocolates

Their eggs are superb! / 卵が美味しすぎる

Echan’s Yuki loves its eggs. It offers three kinds of eggs. All of them taste really good! Believe it or not, each kind has a completely different taste. This time she bought the most expensive ones and a small bottle of soy souse made for rice with raw egg for her treat.

Yuki先生はマルカズの卵の大ファン!3種類あるのですが、どれも美味しい! 同じ卵でも、味がまったく違うんです。今回は、ずっと迷っていた一番高い卵と、卵かけご飯専用の醤油を買いました。

Cage-free eggs

Feel like I splurged. A half-dozen eggs is 700 yen! 奮発しちゃった。6個入りで700円よ!

These eggs are from Asada Ryouran Farm. Its chickens are bred cage free, eating homemade fermented feed, wild grass and vegetables. So, its eggs are super nutrient-rich and unbelievably delicious!


The rice with raw egg was delicious but its boiled egg was actually at another level. When its egg is boiled, the amount of arginine increases tens times more. So it get more nutrient!

卵かけご飯も美味しかったのですが、ゆでると異次元のおいしさに! 浅田良卵の卵はゆでるとアルギニンの量が数十倍増えるそう。


ADDRESS 9-12 Shimokyōmachi, Sasebo
HOURS 10:30 – 18:30
HOLIDAYS Wednesday
WebWeb (Hasami main shop only )

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