【Picnic in Sasebo】Bring your lunch box! The Best Drive Route to See Top 3 Autumn Leaves in Sasebo. 【紅葉ピクニック】させぼの紅葉3景を1日で巡るルートを英語で紹介するよ!

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Autumn foliage season has just arrived! Today we are going to show you a drive route to see 3 best autumn leaf-viewing spots in only one day! Bring your lunch boxes or Sasebo burgers and let’s go!


10:00 am: Leave Sasebo Station for Megane-iwa | 佐世保駅~眼鏡岩

Take National Route 35 towards the city hall. The road will lead to National Route 204. Go straight for a while, you will soon pass the Saikai High School. Just after you pass Yoshimurachozai Pharmacy(よしむら調剤薬局), turn left onto a narrow road (there will be a sign saying 眼鏡岩 on the corner). When you see another signboard saying “眼鏡岩公園”, turn right.

At Megane-iwa park, you will see the stunningly beautiful autumn leaves of ginkgoe trees! 眼鏡岩公園では銀杏の紅葉が楽しめますよ!

Photo © 佐世保観光コンベンション協会

Megane-iwa Park
Address: 1266-1 Setogoe-cho, Sasebo
Price: free
More info: http://travel.sasebo99.com/en/todo/todo_1469

11 pm to 11:30 pm : Ohashi Kannon| 眼鏡岩 ~御橋観音

Leave Megane-iwa park around 11:00 pm. It’s about 30 minutes to get to Ohashi Kannon in Yoshii-cho. Take National Route 204 again toward Ono-cho and go straight for a while. Turn right on the corner next to the Lawson convenience store and then take Prefectural road 11. Go straight on the mountain road and through a long tunnel. You will get to Yoshii-cho in about 15 minutes. Turn right on Prefectural road 54 . Cross the first bridge then turn right.

Ohashi Kannon is one of “Hirado-Hakkei” the Eight Scenic Views of the Hirado Domain! 御橋観音は平戸八景の1つにも数えられる名勝!秋は特に美しいですよ。

Photo © 佐世保観光コンベンション協会

Ohashi Kannon
Address: 94 Yoshii-cho Naoya, Sasebo
Price: free
More info: http://travel.sasebo99.com/en/todo/todo_1499

Lunch at Makinotake Park

Makinotake Park in front of Ohashi Kannon is a great place to have lunch and let your children play. Enjoy picnic with your friends or family!


Click the link below to see the picture.

1 : 30 pm Jufuku-ji “The Inverted Autumn Leaves” | 寿福寺 逆さ紅葉

Leave Ohashi kannon at 1:30 then you will be to Jufuku-ji in Emukae-cho in 20 minutes. Go back to National Route 204 and turn right. Go straight toward Hirado for about 15 minutes. Turn right on Prefectural road 60. You will see a slope to Jufuku-ji on your left.

The highlight of the day will be “the inverted autumn leaves”. A hall of Jufuku-ji will be open to the public from Saturday, Nov. 16 to Monday, Nov. 25. A huge acrylic board will reflect inverted images of red maple leaves on the garden.

本日のハイライトは、寿福寺の逆さ紅葉! 一般公開は16日(土)から25日(月)の正午から午後4時までです。

Photo © 佐世保観光コンベンション協会

Address: 276 Emukae-cho Nagasaka, Sasebo
November 16(Sat.) to 25(Mon.) in 2019
Business hours: noon – 4:00 pm
Admission Fee: 500 yen

autumn leaf viewing 紅葉狩り
National Route 国道
toward ~方面へ
signboard 看板
turn left onto a narrow road 左折して狭い道に入る
Prefectural road 県道
inverted 逆さの
be open to the public 一般公開される

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