Did you know there is a rock created by an monster in Sasebo? 【Ask the Echan girls ! 】させぼにはモンスターがつくった岩がある!?|【英語で教えてEチャン・ガールズ!#2】

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Are you gonna tell some monster stories? 今日はモンスターの話?

Yes. In Sasebo, there is a rock that was once created by an Oni, demon. そう、させぼには、鬼がつくった岩があるの

Oni is a kind of yokai or troll in Japanese folklore. 鬼は日本に伝わる妖怪よ

Here is the rock! その岩がこちら!




Photo © 佐世保観光コンベンション協会

The gigantic rock lies in Setogoshi-cho, Sasebo. The rock with 10 meters high and 20 meters wide has the shape of glasses. Hence it is called “megane (glasses)-iwa. According to a legend, when a huge oni was taking a nap, he strained himself to stretch his back. Then he broke the rock with his two feet by accident!

gigantic 巨大な
folklore 民間伝承
have the shape of ~の形をしている。
According to a legend, 伝説によると
take a nap 昼寝をする
strain oneself 全身に力を入れる
stretch one’s back 背中を伸ばす
by accident うっかり、偶然に

A half asleep oni made two holes with his feet. Bomb!   寝ぼけた鬼が足でバーン!って穴あけちゃったのね

It’s kind of a cute story, isn’t it? そう、かわいい話でしょ?

Autumn leaves are beautiful around late November. 11月下旬ごろは紅葉がきれいよ。

Let’s go and see this rock! ぜひ出かけてね!

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