7 Things to Know About Yosakoi Sasebo Festival|「YOSAKOIさせぼ祭り」について知っておくべき7つのこと

Photo © 佐世保観光コンベンション協会

Yosakoi Sasebo Festival will be held this weekend! It’s literally one of the biggest events in Sasebo. But For people who aren’t familiar with the event yet, we will give you 7 things you must know for the days.

今週末はYOSAKOI させぼ祭り! 佐世保市民にとってはすっかりおなじみですが、他県や外国出身の方のために情報をまとめました。

1. The Eve and Main Event | 前夜祭と本祭がある

On Friday, October 18, the eve kicks off at 5 : 45 pm at Nakiri Park . Saturday and Sunday are the main event days. One hundred seventy teams from all over Japan will show off their skills and compete with each other.

18日(金)の前夜祭は午後5:45からスタート。本祭は19日と20日! 全国から集まった170チームが自慢の演舞でしのぎを削ります。

2. One of The Biggest in Western Japan. | 西日本最大級

About twenty years ago, it all started with only 6 teams. Now it grew to one of the biggest Yosakoi events in western Japan.

およそ20年前、6チームからスタートしたYOSAKOI させぼ祭り。今や西日本最大級のYOSAKOIイベントに成長しています。

3. What is the dance like? | どんな踊り?

Yosakoi dance is best described as “energetic” and “unconventional”. Although it has traditional elements regarding its costumes and tools, the uniqueness lies in its originality and dynamism.


4. Stages are everywhere in Sasebo | まちが舞台 !

The main stage is Nakiri Park. And thirteen other stages are set across the city: the arcade, Gobangai, Pearlsea resort, and Huis Ten Bosch and more!
Note: The eve is Nakiri park only.


5. English-only stage appears on Sasebo Park | 佐世保公園に英語オンリーの会場

A English-only stage will be set on Sasebo Park on Oct.19 from 2 pm to 4 pm. Sign boards and MCs are all English!

今年は19日の午後2時~4時まで、佐世保公園に英語オンリーの会場が登場しますよ。 案内板や司会もすべて英語です!

6. “1 km Parade” and “Sou Odori” | 1kmパレード&総踊り

The two biggest features are “One km challenge parade” and “Sou Odori” . At 1 km challenge parade, selected dance teams will perform their dance 6 times in a row while parading! At Sou Odori, thousands of Yosakoi dancers will fill the arcade and dance together. Both are held on the arcade. They are simply amazing!
1 km チャレンジパレードは、選りすぐりのチームが 怒濤の 6回連続演舞を展開するというもの。総踊りでは、数千人の踊り子が一斉に舞います! 日本一長いアーケードで行われる2大プログラムはどちらも圧巻!

1 km challenge parade :
Oct. 19 at 11 am (1 hour), Oct. 20 at 11 am (2 hours)
Sou Odori :
Oct. 19 16:30~ (20 min)

7. You can experience Yosakoi dance! | 体験も可能!

Do you want to try Yosakoi dance? Join Yosakoi dance workshops at Shimanose Park. Reservation is not required. Just drop in! 島瀬公園で踊りの体験ができますよ!

October 19 start@ 11:42 am, 1:06 pm, 3:18 pm
October 20 start@ 10:36 am, 12:42 pm. 2:06 pm.

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