【Cooking】Naoko-sensei’s Japanese Recipe No.2 : Gyoza /なおこ先生の和食クッキング ②「餃子」|英語のレシピ



・100 g ground chicken
・ 60 g ground pork
・ garlic powder (to taste )
・ 3 tsp ginger, minced
・ 1 tsp mentsuyu (noodle soup base, commercially available )
・ 1 tsp (4 g) Shomi Shantan 
・ 4 tsp lard
・ 1 tsp oyster sauce
・ 3 large-sized shitake mushrooms, minced
・ 5 cm bunching onion, minced
・ 1 cup cabbage leaves, finely chopped 
・ salad oil and chili oil (preferred amount )
・ 18 gyoza wrappers (commercially available)
・10 cc Ponzu vineger (Mizkan ポン酢)
・100 cc Kantan-Su vinegar (Mizkan カンタン酢)

今回のレシピは焼き餃子! 餃子はラーメンと一緒に海外でも知られるようになり、Gyoza で通じることも多いよう。通じない場合は、 Japanese dumpling と言い換えてください。具に入れる調味料は、なおこ先生オリジナル! 日本人のみなさんにも参考になりますよ!

(単語) tsp (teaspoonの略)小さじ、 ground chicken 鶏ひき肉(イギリス英語圏では、chicken mince), bunching onion 大ネギ、 gyoza wrapper (skin) 餃子の皮、 chili oil ラー油

(創味シャンタン, Chinese soup stock paste or powder )
chili oil (ラー油)
Left: Kantan-Su vinegar (Mizkan カンタン酢)
Right: Ponzu vineger ( Mizkan 味ポン)

Step 1. Make the gyoza filling / 餃子の具を作る

1. Mix 1 tsp (4 g) of Shomi Shantan with 100 cc of hot water to make Chinese style soup.

2. Chop cabbage leaves, bunching onion, and shitake mushrooms into small pieces, then combine these ingredients with ground chicken and pork in a big bowl.

3. Add Chinese style soup (1), minced ginger, garlic power, mentsuyu, oyster sauce, and lard to the bowl. Then use your hand to mix all the ingredients and seasonings together. ☆Tip 1. Mix it thoroughly until it becomes sticky.

4. Let the filling sit for 30 minutes in the refrigerator.

(単語) mix ~ with water ~を水で溶かす、Add A to B BにAを加える、 Mix it thoroughly until it becomes sticky. 粘りが出るまで、しっかりと混ぜる(knead こねる)

Step 2. Wrap the gyoza filling / 餃子の具を包む

1. With a gyoza wrapper on the palm of one hand, place a tbsp of the filling onto the center of the wrapper. Dip your finger in some water and moisten the edge of the wrapper to seal it.

2. Fold the filled dumpling wrapper in half. Use your right hand assisted by your left hand thumb to create 4 pleats. Press to seal and place on the tray.  See the video below to see how to wrap the gyoza filling.


Youtube video created by RecipeTin Eats

(単語)filling 具、 on the palm of one hand 片方の手のひら、 tbsp(tablespoonの略)大さじ、 dip your finger in water 指を水につける、moisten 湿らせる、seal ふさぐ、 Fold something in half 2つに折る、 pleat ひだ(プリーツ)

Step 3 . Pan-Fry gyozas / 餃子を焼く

1. Heat up a small amount of cooking oil in a pan and gently place the gyozas in it

2. Add 100 cc of water to the pan so that the gyozas are half submerged. Place a lid on top of the pan. And let the gyozas steam on medium to high heat.

3. After the water has evaporated, open the lid. ☆Tip 2. When you hear some crackling sound from inside the pan, it’s time to open the lid

4. Pour a small amount of salad oil and brown the gyozas on medium heat.

(単語)pan-fry フライパンで焼く、 Heat up oil in a pan フライパンで油を熱する、half submerged 半分水に浸かった(状態)、 lid ふた、 evaporate 蒸発する、crackling、パチパチ音、 brown 焼き色をつける

Step 4. Make a dipping sauce and eat / 餃子のたれを作

1. Serve the gyozas on a plate with the crispy side facing up.

2. Mix 10 cc of ponzu vinegar and 100 cc of kantan-su vinegar. Preferably, add a bit of chili oil into the sauce.

(単語)dipping sauce つけだれ、 with the crispy side facing up カリっとした面を上に向けて、 preferable amount、お好みの量

Do you still feel like you need some help ? Take Naoko-sensei’s class on September 16!

Naoko-sensei’s class schedule (Sasebo Star Cooking Class)
Sep. 16(Mon) from 10 am to 1 pm
Menu: Gyoza, fried rice, peach dessert.
Sep. 28 (Sat) from 10 am to 1 pm
Menu: Tempura (seasonal vegetables), Suimono (clear soup), peach dessert.
Fee: 2500 yen for one person
Place: Nishi-chiku Community Center (see the map below)
Contact and reservation : https://www.facebook.com/naoko.mori.921?epa=SEARCH_BOX

英語で学べる料理教室「させぼスタークッキングクラス」は 西地区公民館で開催中。9月16日(月)は、このレシピの餃子を作ります。外国人と一緒に料理が学べますよ。

Naoko sensei’s Profile

Naoko Mori 森なおこ
‐Studied French cuisine under a former chief chef at Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo (ホテル椿山荘東京) for 3 years.
‐Acquired Japanese and herbal cuisine skills.
‐Cooking teacher for 10 years for Japanese and 7 years for Americans
‐Coordinating cooking classes for American cooking teachers

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