【Culture/文化】 Let’s eat eels to prevent summer fatigue/ 土用の丑の日”って英語で何? 夏バテ防止にウナギを食べよう!

Hello everyone! We are sorry to inform you this late! July 28 in 2021 is Midsummer Day of the Ox (doyo no ushi) according to the traditional Chinese calendar. On the day, Japanese eat eels to fight fatigue caused by summer heat. But you don’t necessarily have to eat eels today. You can eat them on any days to prevent summer fatigue. Here is why.

It is said that Midsummer Day of the Ox was started by a well-known scholar, Gennai Hiraga, in Edo period. To save an eel restaurant that had been suffering from a decrease in sales  during summer, he put up a flyer saying, “the midsummer day of the ox is the eel-eating day!” He might have known that an eel is a nutrient-dense food. Actually an eel has been eaten as a medicine to restore energy since ancient times in Japan. In other words, eating eels will be effective for summer fatigue regardless of days.

You can buy glaze-grilled eels at supermarkets. The eels coated with teliyaki souse really go well with rice!



Midsummer Day of the Ox  土用の丑の日
according to ~によると
prevent summer fatigue  夏バテを防ぐ 
suffer from a decrease in sales  during summer 夏の間、売上の減少に悩む
flyer チラシ、ビラ
nutrient-dense 栄養豊富な
glaze-grilled eel  ウナギの蒲焼き

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