【Kushinohama Dike in Kuroshima: Natural treasure/Designated by Nagasaki Pref.】 【黒島の串ノ浜岩脈:天然記念物(地質鉱物)/長崎県指定】

 Kushinohama Dike in Kuroshima is designated as Natural treasure; geological minerals category by Nagasaki prefecture. About 8 million years ago a crack in the Earth’s crust allowed a plume of hot magma to escape and create lava dike with more than 300m length on the surface. It is in westernmost of Kuroshima island, and a biggest scale in Nagasaki pref. You can observe the trace of crustal movement of that time when the tide ebbs. Amazing, isn’t it? You can also visit Kuroshima Catholic Church which was registered world cultural heritage last year.


Site: Kushinohama, Kuroshima-cho, Sasebo


Transportation: Ferry (Ainoura→Kuroshima) leaves at 10:00 a.m.


Parking: Available


Guide: Available in Japanese. (Pre-sign up needed) TEL: 0956-56-2765

案内:あり(要申込)黒島地区史跡保存会 0956-56-2765

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