【Slogan in July: Promoting “Moral Education” calendar】 【佐世保市の徳育推進カレンダー:7月の標語】

Sasebo city declared “the city development with promoting “moral education” in 2012. Under the slogan “Sharing Smiles, Expressing Gratitude”, a small episode is introduced on the page of Sasebo City’s PR magazine every month.  

 Here are two slogans of “Promoting Moral Education” calendar in July.

When you notice, act for people around you!


 (1st grade of Nakazato J.H.S)

Which is more important, your smartphone of your family?

「気づいたら 自分が動こう 人のため」(中里中1年)

 (1st grade of Yoshii J.H.S)

We should notice first and act for someone around us. How to use smartphones is the same thing, too.

「家族より 大切なのか そのスマホ」(吉井中1年)




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